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Relay For Life

For over 25 years, Relay For Life events have been held to raise funds to support the American Cancer Society’s efforts by building community spirit & honoring loved ones affected by the disease. Coupon Code RELAY2014 saves you 5% ALL YEAR!! The 5% will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

The Valerie Fund

We've joined up with SHU to support PirateThon 14! Order with Coupon Code VF2014 and Save 5% anywhere thru December 31st! Your 5% will be donated to the Valerie Fund - a non profit organization that supports healthcare facilities for children with cancer and blood disorders in NJ. Do a good deed and Eat!

Mobile Ready

For the most daring online snackers who need their food on the go we support mobile orders.

This is coming soon so stay tuned!

Pirate’s Gold

Who supports online payments with Pirate’s Gold? Oh yea, us. Wait what? We are the only ones?! That’s crazy. Arrrrrrr ya gonna be ordering from anywhere else? We sure hope not…

We’re all about more

You order more. You get more points. More points means more savings. More savings generates more smiles. More smiles creates a better world. We wouldn’t call ourselves the superheroes of the food industry, but if you did we would understand.

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