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For over 25 years, Relay For Life events have been held to raise funds to support the American Cancer Society's efforts by building community spirit & honoring loved ones affected by the disease. Coupon Code RELAY4LIFE saves you 5% off any order at participating restaurants - % of all orders placed w. this code are donated to Relay For Life/American Cancer Society.


Hungry people who need help or have questions can say or call 888-420-5824 for immediate assistance.

Hunger exterminators can say or call 888-420-5824 for more info about how Deals4Meals can make life at the restaurant an affordable cake walk. We Deliver!

Delivery Squad hopefuls please email with a copy of your resume, a minimum of two or 3 sentences about yourself and what days & hours you are available for work if you would like more information about us. Please write in the subject line if you are applying for work in NJ NY or NYC. Thank you.



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